Art Elective Programme (AEP) at National Junior College Singapore


The Art Elective Programme (AEP) is for students with both intellectual ability and artistic talent to study art. It aims to raise the level of visual arts appreciation amongst students, to instill a degree of professionalism in the students’ approach to creating and designing; and to nurture budding talents into artists. Students in both the Arts and Science streams are eligible for the programme.

As the AEP is an Ministry of Education (Singapore) programme, it is highly subsidised by the Ministry. The NJC Art Centre is equipped with a wide range of facilities to cater for the students’ needs. There are many opportunities to interact with other AEP students from the other five AEP centres in activities such as the annual overseas painting trip, the biennial AEP Exhibition and multimedia workshops. 

There are four main specialised studios located at the Art Centre for the students to work in. The Drawing and Painting Studio is mainly for 2-D work. 3-D activities such as sculpture and ceramic sessions are usually carried out in the Ceramics/3D/Sculpture Studio.

The Coursework Studio allows Year 2 students to work on their ‘A’ Level Coursework. The Design / Multimedia Studio is well-equipped with up-to-date computers and electronic equipment for students to carry out projects which range from basic image manipulation and graphic design to computer 3D modelling and video editing. There is also a Darkroom which allows students to experiment with photography. AEP students have the privilege of a specialised Art Library located in the main College Library which has a wide collection of art-related materials.

Also, the programme emphasises the theoretical aspect of art education – students have to undertake a course in the critical and historical aspects of both Southeast Asian and Western Art so as to provide them with the foundational knowledge for art criticism.

Since its inception in 1985, NJC AEP students have been actively involved in a number of major projects and competitions. After graduation, students majored in fine art, design (product, industrial, jewellery, etc), architecture, animation, communication, etc in either local or overseas universities. Many of these students were awarded the PSC, NAC, URA and other prestigious scholarships.


The National Junior College Art Elective Programme (AEP) class of 2003/2004 undertook a project 'Singapore's OK! Sculpture Park' .