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Art Elective Programme (AEP) Exhibition 2005   @    Singapore Art Museum
29 June 17 July 2005

Co-organised with the Ministry of Education (MOE), this is a biennial exhibition featuring artwork in a wide range of traditional and contemporary media by students from six centres under the MOE Art Elective Programme (AEP).  The exhibition celebrates the creative energy, and diversity of perspectives and creative expressions of a cross section of our youth today.  Through the artwork, they partake in the enduring search for answers to their concerns and questions on the world which they will inherit one day.  Through their work, we too are reminded of our own existence and experiences of growing up.   Galleries 1.5 & 2.5. Curatorial Team: Ms Luanne Tay, Ms Jean Wee

<Judgement of Freedom> Oil on canvas, 200cm x 200cm
National Junior College
Junior College 2 (2004)

" My work explores the idea of freedom. Rope runs through each panel, tying up the otherwise separated images. The hands press against the inside of a cage. Or is it our subconscious mind that tells us it is cage?" -- LEE Hui Lian (2004) .


Lee Hui Lian explaining her work <Judgement of Freedom> during the opening on the 28th June 2005.
Looking on are Mr Liu Thai Ker (Chairman, National Arts Council), Ms Ho Peng (Director, Curriculum Planning & Development, Ministry of Education), Mr Kwok Kian Chow (Director, Singapore Art Museum & Ms Luanne Tay (Curriculum Planning Officer, Curriculum Planning & Development Division, MOE)