Pictures: (left) Panel discussion, in the background is Hui Lian's painting <Judgment of Freedom>. (right) LEE Hui Ling, LEE Hui Lian, Datuk Syed Ahmad Jamal, Shoko LEE & Puan Zanita Anuar (Director of Research & Development, National Art Gallery Malaysia) @ the Opening of the <Malaysia Open 2005 > National Art Gallery Malaysia on 17th November 2005.


an excerpt from the exhibition brochure / poster:

Terbuka Malaysia : Malaysia Open
05.10 - 11.12.05

Once again, the NAG Open Exhibition was again held after the last exhibition ended in 2001. This year it has been re-named Malaysia Open 2005 with the aim of involving all artists throughout Malaysia from all ages and working in all forms of media. The exhibition was intended to provide an overview of contemporary developments either in terms of artistic style or medium.

There were a total of 139 entries representing 183 final art proposals. During the first evaluation and selection session, the panel of judges comprising distinguished artists such as Datuk Syed Ahmad Jamal, Cheong Laitong, Assoc. Prof. Tajuddin Ismail and Assoc. Prof. Sulaiman Esa.

The selection criteria as set by the judges comprised skill in control and use of medium followed by message and concept. In particular, skill in control and use of medium had a high value as inadequate control could result in audiences failing to understand or appreciate the artwork's underlying idea or theme.

In retrospect there are some developments among slow moving trends but these do not give a clear picture of current developments in art. The real situation is vastly different when compared to the art scene in neighbouring countries.

Through observation by individuals involved in the arts can we open our eyes and see what is happening all around us. It is our hopes that future Malaysia Opens will feature fresh and different works.