want to matter
Organised by Singapore Art Museum and National University of Singapore
29 May (Mon) – 29 Jun (Thu) 2006, Singapore Art Museum.


Featuring the studio works of first-year students from the NUS Bachelor of Arts (Architecture) programme (2005/2006), this exhibition is a compilation of hypothetical explorations on discovering what materiality of architecture could be through the encounter with art and artists, and the issues of context in relation to the old and new. At the heart if the exploration lies the future of the Old Supreme Court and City Hall, and the civic district in which these historical buildings are situated.
On display are the schemes of all 81 students, with the best three of each studio (selected by the students themselves) highlighted. The works are as much as a study on context – specifically art and architecture in context – as an attempt made by these students at defining architecture for themselves.
The word ‘ STILL ’, read as either an adverb or adjective, takes on varying connotations. It best encapsulates the inner conflict the students experience in their personal exploration of what architecture is or should be. STILL is essentially a discovery of how architecture is inextricably tied to the past, and a response to the need to respect the memory that is intrinsic to a space while injecting new life into it.
On a related note, STILL also hopes to question the relevance of the architectural profession, in a world where the architect may no longer assume the role of the Renaissance man as he did in the past. In fact, this exhibition tries to question and define much more; there is no one definite answer or interpretation, because such a thing does not exist in the architecture realm at any rate.

City Exhibition 2006



Venue: Linkbridge Atrium (Level 2 & 3), Marina Square Shopping Centre, Singapore

Period: 8 - 11 June 2006



This year’s City Exhibition will showcase works done and international awards won by both Architecture and Industrial Design students at various levels of their studies. 


The emphasis of the show would be the thesis projects of graduating students, where each student spent one year developing, from conceptualization, problem identification, to a design solution (and prototyping, for Industrial Design).  Our students have been awarded a significant number of international and regional awards in the last year and selected achievements, including the five latest SARA (Society of Registered Architects) New York awards, will be displayed.    


Exhibits at the recent Salone Internationale del Mobile (Milan International Furniture Fair) can also be seen.


This occasion will also mark the conclusion of a two-year Joint Studio Programme in Conservation between the departments of architecture from the University of Malaya and the National University of Singapore, sponsored by the Tan Chin Tuan Foundation.  Staff and student representatives from both Universities will be present to formally conclude the collaboration.