SPARKS    Concert cum Charity Bazaar


SPARKS depicts the ideas and creativity of multi-talented youths. It is unique in its representation of students from different countries. It is Synergy in Diversity

Put the creative energies of foreign and local students together and sparks do fly! Held at the Singapore Polytechnic Convention Centre on 16 April, SPARKS 2005 displayed the colour and vibrancy of youth when cultures met. It was also held in conjunction with International Friendship Day which fell on 15 April 2005.

" I felt that the entire process of planning, fabricating and setting up of my art booth was worthwhile. I'm indeed truly thankful to be given this opportunity to share with the public my art", LEE Hui Lian

(note: Photo sourced from the publication Sparks 2005 Reflections. Courtesy of the Pastoral Section, School Placement and Scholarships Branch, Ministry of Education Singapore.)

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