National Junior College, Singapore 
College of the Nation: Home of scholars and leaders who serve with honour.


The National Junior College Art Elective Programme (AEP) class of 2003/2004 undertook a project 'Singapore's OK! Sculpture Park'


The Harmonica Band during 'Canoris' Music Night 

With fellow teammates of the National Junior College Swim Team at the National Schools Swimming Championship 2004

With fellow Art Elective Programme classmates and teachers Mr. Chia Wei Hou & Mr. Lee Pheng Guan at a gathering

The Class 03S06 with civics tutor Mr. Derek Lee (2003)

With the National Junior College Art Elective Programme seniors and juniors at a Chinese New Year gathering (2004)

With fellow NJC Asean Scholars

Working on the 'A' Level coursework in the art studio of National Junior College (2004)


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