<My Journey Revisited> a solo art exhibition by LEE Hui Lian @ Hotel Equatorial Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. June 2008

<My Journey> , a solo art exhibition by LEE Hui Lian @National Library Singapore. July 2005

<Still> architecture exhibition @ Singapore Art Museum 2006 & <City Exhibition 2006> @ Marina Square Singapore 

<Eye Speak> Art Elective Programme Exhibition @ Singapore Art Museum 2005.

2005 @ Singapore  Polytechnic Convention Centre 2005.

 Malaysia Open 2005 @ the National Art Gallery Malaysia.



Stories  (English)

<A way of life> Story by Yam Phui Yee, R.A.G.E., The Star Malaysia, Tuesday 24 June 2008

<Capturing Moments of a Journey> The Star Malaysia, Sunday Education, Sunday 22 June 2008

<An artistic sojourn> story by Geoffrey Lip The Star Malaysia,2005/07/20

<Aspiring artist born in the Year of Ox >story by Brian Martin/The Star Malaysia 1997/02/07

<We Love ArtóBorn with the gift of art > story by Lida Geh The Sunday Star Malaysia 1991/06/02

<More scholarship for talented artist >  The Star Malaysia 2003/06/12


Stories (Mandarin)

《李慧莲画笔     捕捉人生风景》撰稿:陈绛雪 马来西亚南洋商报 2008 年6月24 日

李慧莲的<判断自由 >    在新加坡美术馆展出

<李慧玲, 李慧蓮姐妹花藝路同行 >             文:叶鳯玲/中国报Malaysia./ 2004 /01 / 31

<奖学金.李慧玲. .李慧莲  > 




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